My Personal Experience of Hiring a Girl with Crown-Escorts Agency

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To all the Sex hungry men of Bangalore, if you are looking for the most professional Escorts Services in Bangalore City, do try out Crown Escorts-the best and the most dependable agency in town, right there to serve you:

I am a 40 years old Senior Manager of an IT firm from Bangalore, married and am a proud father of 2 sons. I would say that I am happy in my married life, as I love my wife dearly and she too reciprocates the same feelings, but yes there is hardly any sex in our life, which used to be rocking some 12 years back when we got married. It didn’t take much time for me to realize that, a sexless marriage doesn’t necessarily mean a sexless life and I realized it soon enough, during an office party, when I got drunk and started talking with a colleague of mine. After a couple of pegs of Rum, our discussion ventured towards our sex life after marriage and I confessed to him about my predicament and shrugged my inability to do anything about it. My colleague despite equally drunk, was sober though, looked around and shushed me. He asked me to follow him to a corner where we could get more privacy. Once we were there, he asked me whether I was willing to hire an escort to satisfy my needs, I was drunk but was still in my senses and vehemently said no, as I felt it would amount to cheating my beloved wife. He said that it was perfectly alright to have sex with an escort, as she was a professional  and it would only be a harmless  sexual encounter  and not amount to an affair, I still said no and after we argued about it for a couple of minutes, he convinced me to  go for it.

He handed me the card of an agent, who worked for the firm Crown Escorts and told me to call him the first thing in the morning to start my journey into the enchanting world of sex again. He also assured me that Crown Escorts was a valid and highly professional Escorts Agency in Bangalore and I need not worry at all about anything, I thanked him and took the card. The next day I called the agent and met him at a restaurant during lunch, five minutes into the discussion, I realized how professional he was and what was in store for me. He handed me the portfolio of girls working with his agency and I was dumbfounded with what I saw. I had never seen such exotically beautiful females in my life and sensing my emotions, I started getting a huge erection between my thighs. The agent seemed to have noticed the same and winked at me, we laughed and he told me to select any one to try and get a firsthand experience of sex in a real sense. I selected a 24 year old sexy girl and we negotiated the price for a night of pure fun. The session with the girl was fixed for the coming week at a cozy resort outside Bangalore and on the specific date, I told my wife that I wouldn’t be coming home that night, as I was going to attend a meeting on the CSR initiative of my company at a resort outside Bangalore and would be back only the next morning. She didn’t suspect anything and agreed.  After the office hours, I drove to the resort and checked into my room waiting for the girl’s arrival. The girl came to my room at the right time and I had the most amazing experience of sensual pleasures, not seen in many years. We kissed passionately, had an awesome oral sex in 69 position, she massaged my body to arouse me further and then we had a hot shower, I then pounced on her and played with her body to my heart’s content and banged her in all angles throughout the night. I drove back home the next day morning, with a sense of satisfaction, never experienced in a long time.

My first session was more than what I had expected for and I took the services of Crown Escorts many more times later, to have plenty of nights of  awesome carnal ecstasies with different girls, each gorgeously beautiful and sexy to say the least. I would now state emphatically that, whoever is looking for the finest experience of Bangalore Escorts, can simply dial the numbers of Crown Escorts, to have a taste of the finest Bangalore Escorts Services that there is. They have the best customer service team, the most fabulous collection of girls and the prices are justifiable for what we get, so my friends! Go ahead and call them.

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